Florence and her fantastic family tree

Judy Gilliam - Familius 2020

Florence and Her Fantastic Family Tree is a celebration of family in all its forms when a family tree assignment gets
a bit more complicated with Florence's large blended family.
Everyone has a family tree, no matter how big or small. But what happens when mine has more than just the roots,
trunk, and branches? I’ve got six parents (yes, six—you can count with me and see) and enough siblings to take up
almost all of my fingers. Will this piece of paper, with the stems, branches, leaves, trunk, berries, and nuts of the great,
big, loud, colorful, fun, crazy family I call mine, even fit on Ms. Collin’s wall at school?
Florence and Her Fantastic Family Tree​ explores the idea of what it means to have a big, messy, complicated, and
remarkable family as a young girl tries to complete her family tree assignment for school.
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